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Polish Product of the Future 2016

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Marta Georgijew | 2017-02-17 12:00:16
winners of the polish product of the future competition 2016

The Competition is organised by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and its honorary patron is the Minister of Economy.


Winner 2016 of  “Polish Product of the Future” competition



Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Poznań

The multimodule self-propelled machine is designed for wetlands protection from plants succession which causes environment degradation, and for reduction of biodiversity decline of wetlands, especially ones located in National Parks and Nature 2000 areas.


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The “Polish Product of the Future” competition is aimed at promoting and disseminating innovative products and technologies. It also helps change attitudes and raise awareness of the need to implement innovative ideas, and of the benefits of collaboration between the R&D sector and business.


Over 800 innovative projects have competed during the 18-year history of the “Polish Product of the Future” competition. These include new ideas in various technology sectors, including medicine, pharmaceuticals, electronics and chemical products in particular. To date, 46 prizes and 90 distinctions have been awarded by the Competition Jury.


The list of winners of all editions is available at:

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