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Send Print Download added: Marta Georgijew | 2016-12-13 13:11:08
interior design, architecture, decoration,

RonisVision, one of the Polish virtual reality studios, provides high quality, quick turnaround and cost-effective VR solutions for the different brunches for architecture and others.




By using our expertise to fully utilise this new technology, Architects, Property Developers and Interior Designers can visualise their plans in incredible detail by virtually stepping into their creations like never before. Currently, our product offering is made up of life like 3D architectural visualizations that render in realtime. This allows the user to see the world as it will look like. Our product can be use in different industry branches. We help improve lectures effecinecy, increase brand identity or make product more recognizable on global market. We cooperate with specialists from various areas- landscape architects, interior designers, advertising specialists. Our company link VR technical expert and great designers with a lot of ideas. If you need professional advice you are in proper place.

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