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İhracatı Geliştirme Etüd Portalı


Göndermek Baskı İndir Ekledi: | 2015-07-23 13:18:56

Firma, rüzgar enerjisi, çevresel izleme ve yol sistemleri alanlarında veri iletimi ile bağlantılı ileri teknoloji çözümleri üretiyor

The profile of Far Data is aimed at designing, sale and implementing technical advanced solutions connected with data transmission. Our products are used in environmental monitoring systems, ITS or noise level monitoring systems. Our company has been striving to acquire the latest knowledge and develop its competences in those fields. Moreover, our own designing and production back office was in charge of creating many innovative solutions, which were patented and, at the present moment, constitute a standard for among others various devices used in GPRS package data transmission.

Reliability of devices distributed by Far Data, a team of experienced engineers as well as high quality of provided services contribute to constant and dynamic development of the company. Highest professionalism of our employees is always maintained by their participation in various training sessions and workshops. Many certificates confirming specialist knowledge and skills serve as a testimony for the high qualifications of our employees.